Friday, October 28, 2011

Party Perfect Halloween Treats: Mini Mummies & Ghosts!

Whether you're hosting a Halloween party this weekend or you just want something fun to nibble on while the trick or treaters make their rounds, these two simple "recipes" are sure to please. They're fun, festive and hauntingly delicious.  Are you ready to scare up some treats?

Mini Mummies:

Ingredients: a package of hot dogs, a package of Pillsbury crescent rolls, mustard (preferrably in a squeeze bottle) and ketchup for dipping.

Instructions: Unroll the crescents, then cut the dough into thin strips about 6-8 inches long.  Cut the hot dogs in half.  Take a strip of dough and wrap it around a hot dog, leaving room for eyes to peek out.  Make sure to wrap the dough in such a way that you create a little "hat" for your mummy. 

Bake mummies in the oven, according to crescent roll package directions.  Keep an eye on your mummies- depending on how much dough you use on each, they may be done early.  When they are done cooking (the dough is golden brown) make two "eyes" with mustard.  Serve with ketchup for dipping and enjoy!

Nutter Butter Ghosts:

These are so easy to make, but they are really fun and adorable!  They will definitely add a little spice to your Halloween treat display.  All you need is a package of Nutter Butter cookies, a can of frosting and a bag of mini chocolate chips.

Spread a layer of vanilla frosting on top of the nutter butter cookies.  Create eyes out of mini chocolate chips and serve your yummy ghosts.  See, I said they'd be easy!  Enjoy!

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  1. great, I'm making the hot dog mummies today!


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